Exclusive - Series Madrid
A truly noble house bar and an elegant masterly craftsmanship of solid oak.
The bars of the Exclusive-Berlin series are manufactured in solid oak and on request also available in solid pine. *With or without surface treatment and brick infill.
By the standard in many parts of prefabrication, we can produce very cheap and you can save a lot of money.
If you also perform surface treatment and brick infill yourself, you can save even more money. We will be happy to explain how you grow, stain or paint.
This is a simple but time consuming activity. Sure, you might have to invest a weekend of work but that is also fun and made itself more interesting!
Is not that right? And even more money you can save when you pick up your bar even here. The assembling of  the bar is very simple and you
get from us detailed instructions.

(*)Without surface treatment means that all wood surfaces are all ready sanded and prepared for treatment with wax, linseed oil or varnish.

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Right hand wall connection


Left hand wall connection

Bar form (see below)
and external dimensions

type of wood

Pick-up price (*)

Pick-up price (*)
bottle shelf

Shipping Price (**)
Counter without a bottle shelf

Shipping Price (**)
Counter with bottle shelf

L - Form, appr. 2,00m x 0,90m
Length of the handrail.  2,90m

solid pine
solid oak

1.940,- €
2.190,- €

210,- €
240,- €

3.990,- €
4.180,- €

4.470,- €
4.700,- €

L - Form, appr. 2,80m x 0,90m
Length of the handrail.  3,70m

solid pine
solid oak

2.310,- €
2.620,- €

250,- €
290,- €

4.440,- €
4.820,- €

5.020,- €
5.440,- €

U - Form, appr. 2,80m x 1,60m (incl. bench)
Length of the handrail.  4,70m

solid pine
solid oak

3.990,- €
4.460,- €

380,- €
450,- €

6.450,- €
7.020,- €

7.210,- €
7.860,- €

(*)Pick up price without surface treatment and without brick infill.
(**)All ready rustic stained, varnished and with brick infill incl delivery and fitting of up to50 km from Ovelg÷nne.
Wall connection on the right or left.
In the photo above a bar in L-shape with dimensions of 2.80m x 0.90m shown in solid oak.
Wall paneling, beer tap and decorations are not included in offer.

Other measurements, ground plan and wood types are available at extra cost.


All bars are also suitable for commercial use! Cooling parts can be installed!

Here we have mapped our standardized basic forms.
Sh. Price list above.

Grundri▀ GB

Wish we can also provide any other ground plan.
Tell us your wishes.

Solid wood - easy to clean and stable value!

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