Exclusive - Series Venezia
The counters of the Exclusive - Series Venezia we only manufacture in solid oak, antique-waxed white.

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Right hand wall connection


Left hand wall connection

Bar form (see below)
and external dimensions

type of wood

Pick-up price


Pick-up price (*)
bottle shelf

L - Form, appr. 2,00m x 0,90m
Length of the handrail.  2,90m

solid oak

3.640,- €

690,- €

L - Form, appr. 2,80m x 0,90m
Length of the handrail.  3,70m

solid oak

4.300,- €

770,- €

U - Form, appr. 2,80m x 1,60m (incl. bench)
Length of the handrail.  4,70m

solid oak

6.360,- €

930,- €

Wall connection on the right or left.

In the photo above is a bar in a U-shape with dimensions of 2.80 m x 1.60 m in solid oak, antique- white waxed, ready.
The edges of  the panels are sold brass colored.
Beer dispenser,rear wall shelf and decorations are not included in offer.

Other measurements, ground plan and wood types are available at extra cost.

In the photo below is a bar L - shaped with dimensions of 2.00 m x 0.90 m insolid oak, antique-waxed white with
Stainless Steel-fittingsshown.

The photo you can enlarge by clicking!

Hausbar Venezia_Edelstahl

Our offer for savvy

If you the Bar Venezia very
like it, but not so much money
want to spend, so take
Justt he bar Hildesheim
without surface treatment
in solid oak or solid Pineand
they bring color and
Wax on yourself!
The materials you can choose from
get us and the know-how
We can also tell you like!
Take us at our word!
As mentioned many other
Customers also!

All bars are also suitable for commercial use! Cooling parts can be installed!

Here we have mapped our standardized basic forms.
Sh. Price list above.

Grundriß GB

Wish we can also provide any other ground plan.
Tell us your wishes.

Solid wood - easy to clean and stable value!

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