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Original Ovelgönner Hausbar
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The own bar and cellar bar was popular in Germany in the 50s and 60s.
The " American Way of Life " was a lot of American movies, in each of which also an extravagant bar played a role, for aspirational goal of many German households . Who does not know that movies like
" High Society " and "James Bond 007" ( shaken or stirred ? ) In which a bar to the formative element was .
The main equipment, the counter was installed in the first few years in the cellar as a cellar . The own underground cellar , which was the pride of the whole family. Friends and neighbors were invited to certain occasions in the cellar bar. Friendships were deepened and made ​​new . And certainly also started one way or another love affair in a cellar .
Of course, the counter must also have a full beer dispenser so guests freshly tapped beer could be offered . Also Cocktails were very popular at the bar. It was known to appreciate the advantages of their own cellar . The drinks were on your own counter much cheaper and with the ever stricter traffic controls had no longer a problem . In addition, one was in the cellar bar among themselves.
By and large, up to now , not much has changed it. However, the apartments and houses have become increasingly larger with increasing prosperity and accordingly also the home bar . And so the bar is no longer installed as a cellar , but often also as a bar in the living area . The dual function has become increasingly popular as a bar and a breakfast bar in the living area .
If the bar now scheduled as a cellar in the basement, so it is usually more or less large party rooms . Often with their own toilet facilities and sometimes special Wellnesbereichen with sauna and possibly also with a small swimming pool.