Leaflet " easy care "

   Sometimes we are asked by our customers , as it is with the easy care
our Bar behaves . This question is of course understandable. After all, who wants to
already have a home bar in his home , to the people did not dare even once
wild celebrations .
   Which host would want to have to say its guests with every invitation :
"But please be careful on my new expensive bar " . It will everyone instantly intelligible
be that in such a prescribed code of conduct not just the gay and
are friendly ambiance conducive . This cheerful loose and rollicking
Together in private , it is but just what the difference in a
own bar matters.
   Be honest , you can celebrate but also in a restaurant , or not? This is
of course not to say that the celebration in a restaurant not too happy and at ease
can be. A wedding, an anniversary, a special birthday or an office party in a
larger circle are certainly to be recommended in a restaurant . There are no complex
To make arrangements for food and drink ` ` provides the restaurateur for the dedicated music
Village chapel and for the clean-up and plastering work the next morning , the innkeeper 's
hardworking volunteers . For damage to furniture and furnishings may be liable nor insurance
and then everything goes back its course and the successful celebration remains all guests
a fond memory .
But what about the celebrations in the smaller circle ? With eight , twelve or twenty people ?
Or just with the friendly couple next door, with whom you also like to once
spend a pleasant evening ? You know yourself that such amicable and private
Meetings in a restaurant can never assume the harmonic progression ,
which almost inevitably results in one's own home bar .

We are also already in the actual topic. The common evening is happy,
be loose , harmonious and lively , informal and cheerful . It may to a late hour
also quiet even go a little louder. When the evening runs so then maybe it is a
those who have been for years to a wonderful memory .
The establishment of one's own home bar should of course be such that they in the evenings such
sometimes even slightly stronger and harsher treatment withstands conscientiously.
As unpleasant as it may be for the host , the next morning pounding heart in his
To go party room to keep from damage out .
Who does not know who recommended as particularly easy to care furniture pressboard or
Chipboard with glued plastic foil in wood pattern at fantastically low prices ? and who
does not know the time of the outgoing and incoming film strip edges , under which then
the pressboard peeks gleefully ? Who does not know , this gleefully grinning
broken pieces of plastic around the edges of this easy-care furniture?
   But what is actually called " easy care " ?
The Duden says, " labor saving " . But what work is to be relieved? Actually, you can
so that only the cleaning, and keeping clean the furniture be meant . But what furniture surfaces
are then no labor saving , thus aggravating work ?
Surely a plastic surface easier to clean than a wooden or stone surface.
In the right place , for example in a kitchen countertop is plastic or eg marble certainly
the advantage, although the latter an intensive care needs in order to get any stains.
   Where there but can cause bumps and scratches , for example, at the bar front or on top of
the counter, wood is against plastic clear advantage. A scratch or a dent in solid wood
may be grind . Have you ever tried in plastic?
The "quirk " that the hitherto always welcome cone brother Willi at last birthday of the
Host hit out of sheer joy on his successful joke in Bartop until the end
of days to be seen in the plastic. And the host will not find the joke so funny.
You , dear prospective bar , must the question of whether wood or plastic to decide for himself .