Leaflet " supply and installation "
Sometimes we are asked by our customers if we continue to deliver than 50 km.
But of course .
We have been delivered throughout Germany and also in most
neighboring countries . This is what we will do in the future.
However, we need for greater distances a corresponding
Distance surcharge into account . You understand that! .
The majority of our customers gets his bar but here at us.
This is simply financially effective for customers .
And besides, you then learn the beautiful Weser march finally know !
That you were going to ever want to do that! And the North Sea !
The incomparable views of the open sea !
The " Blanken hans," as they say here .
Or enjoy a trip to the Jade Bay .
For example, After Sehestedt , to the " Floating bog " , unique in the world !
That is only 15 km away from here !
Treat yourself with the pick-up your home bar just once
one to two days special leave ! You deserve it !